“The Power of Love” is a journey back to our origin, a place in us that leaves the limitations of the mind behind and reconnects us with the source of all that is.With “The Power of Love” we are presented with an inspirational book that guides us to the heart of the matter. It dives with sincerity into the often-misunderstood subject of love to lift the veil of confusion. It does not deal with the romantic notion of love like many other books instead it recognizes love as the most potent energy field that prevails in the Universe.This Love force is the primordial source of creation. Without it we are leaves in the wind of our desires and emotions. Without the connection to this love we feel like enemies towards each other. “ The Power of Love” is attempting to teach you how to be in constant contact with this love and to live from the center of your heart to prevent us from indulging into self-destructive behaviors that harm us and others and to awaken us to the wonder that is unfolding around us.“Reconnection to the Power of Love” uses easy to understand terminology to explain the interaction between the inner world and our outer experiences.Our scientific knowledge of the inter-connectedness between thought and the manifestation of the material world is growing rapidly but our thinking and loving processes haven’t properly adjusted as of yet. Love is of universal interest and every person on the planet relates to this subject through personal experience. There is a need to revise our preconceived notion about love. The world has changed so rapidly that we have been swept away not by love but by stress and other competitive elements. It is time to have a closer look at those dated concepts to evaluate if they are still valuable in the 21st century.Love can only be experienced in the now of the moment and the now can only be truly experienced in a moment of unconditional love.We are standing at a cross road in human history and we are challenged to open our heart much wider then in any other period in history. Our survival relies on how we are going to deal with our economical and ecological inter-dependency.As our world becomes more populated we need to recognize that we are one human family and that any kind of artificial borders, may they be national, religious or philosophically, creates a rift in our heart and allows hatred and discrimination to replace our original goodness. We are becoming a global family and for a prosperous future we need a global love.Take this book “The Power of Love” and keep an open mind while you open up to its inspirational message of unconditional Love.
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