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We are at a time in humanevolution when many people are recoginizing thatorganized religion seems like a mere stepping stone to higher knowledge.People’s inner spirits arelonging for more answers.  We turn toother alternatives such as spiritual teachings which for the most part want usto deny our worldly needs and feelings as if they degrade our soul.This book offers people deeperinsight into their spirit while also embracing their physical reality and theirability to change it.Building Heaven guides youinto how you can create a heavenly existence here and now simply by changingyour beliefs about reality that are not working for you.Additionally the author hasincluded insightful information for the reader to help discover and change anyfaulty beliefs by looking closely at your emotions and areas of ill health.This book can help you to regain Controlof your life and reality!
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ISBN: 9781414082226
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