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The saga continues in this sequelnovel to Dawn of the Greatest Persian. The writer has incorporated vividlifestyle details to keep the mood of this novel about Cyrus the Greatconsistent with the way royalty and peasants might have lived in the sixth centuryBCE. Ancient historical figures haveconflicts based on personality and religious beliefs, but wars are fought forpersonal power or economic reasons, and not for specific religious differences.Cyrus travels throughout ancient Persia.His father King Cambyses insists that he learn thecustoms of the country when he reaches traditional adulthood. His grandfatheris King Astyages, the ruler of the Median Empire, whoimprisons the prince for spurious reasons. Cyrus survives multipleassassination attempts initiated by family, governmental, and tribal officials.He survives wounds caused by battles and an animal attack. He finds true lovethat creates new difficulties with his mother. He travels the length of ancient Persiawith soldiers who love the rugged terrain and teach him about military life.The customs of the country are colorfully depicted. Peasant life and survivalare revealed to the prince in such a way that he develops a personal philosophythat makes him proud of his heritage.
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