Extraterrestrial Peril
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Besides enduring the mental strain of high school and maintaining an undesired after-school job, Tommy Anderson, a resident of Belmont County, Ohio, would discover on one cold Friday night that something’s going on in his town that could be classified as nothing short of unbelievable, perilously unbelievable. After managing to have his car sideswiped at the least by a crazed driver traveling the same route as Tommy and his best-friend, Charles, on this Friday night, he and Charles would sight this same truck with three occupants on the side of the road. They were in the process of pulling some kind of strange, blanket-covered object out of the bed of their truck in destination of the nearby woods. Although rattled by the discovery alone, Tommy would suffer horrendous visions in his sleep that would warn him what he was soon to be tied up in. As he struggles to reject the hidden knowledge of approaching danger, that is repeatedly enforced on him by means of diverting, ghostly appearances, he finds that its interfereing with his positive welfare. He knows that his town is undergoing a demented encounter from actual-living creatures from beyond the boundaries of earth. He knows that he’s making it even harder to do anything about it with the information bottled up inside, only desiring to let his close friend Charles know what's going on. He knows that with each passing day, he's becoming more at risk of being captured by these creatures and taken away from everything that he loves in life.
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