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From a note encrypted on aPersian rug, an unlikely trio of acquaintances find themselves in a high stakesrace to stay one step ahead of a dreaded Chinese triad, the Flying Dragons. RonTracer, a U.S. rug merchant, Eli Whitewater, a modern Native American andJeannie Lipton, a "finished" English woman with a wicked roundhousepunch find danger aplenty after deciphering the rug's message. Their discoverytakes them from Bahrain,to the middle of Saudi Arabia's“empty quarter" to Pakistan,to India, thenon to Israel.Only their heroic efforts manage to keep them alive after a world-stunningdiscovery in the empty quarter. The end brings aromance between Eli and Jeannie, but Tracer remains focused on their survival.
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ISBN: 9781418456290
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