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We continue the brooding tale of a dark tragedy, and one man’s search for redemption. We pick up the story as our “chosen ones” are attempting to find their way in life.Some of our characters are picking up the pieces of their shattered lives, while others have fallen by the way side and will have to be left behind.We will meet up with some old friends along the way. But we will also cross paths with a few fiendish ones, who would like nothing better than to destroy our glorious “chosen ones”.It will be a battle of wills, a battle for hearts and souls, and ultimately, a battle for the ages, that will be played out from the vastness of the West Texas plains, to the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, across the East Texas grassland, all the way down to the steamy hill country, and the salt marshes of the coastal plain.Who will come to the forefront and emerge to pick up the torch ignited by our West Texas heroes, which still burns brightly on those green fields of yesterday? Who will prevail? Who will be the last one of our heroes left standing?
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ISBN: 9781462084319
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