Branigan is a love story. Not a romance, but the story of one man’s love for his wife and for the family he lost and for many years did not find. It is set against the hard, unforgiving life of the West Australian goldfields, where few men could be trusted and many paid the ultimate penalty for their betrayal. In time it runs from the days when you traveled either in or behind a horse to the days of comfortable and fast motorcars. Through it all Steve Branigan fights, not only for survival but often literally, until he finally reaches fulfillment. This is a novel of broad scope, of characters both engaging and unsavory, a tough novel with an underlying tenderness.Born into the hard and thankless world of a pioneer gold-mining town where suffering was unspeakable, Filton Hebbard has always yearned to write. Now, grateful for those painful years that had so much to offer, his head is full of books! Branigan, his first novel, is one of the most vivid tales to come out of his pioneering life in the Australian outback. Tipsy March: The Story of a Woman is his second novel to come out of his early Kalgoorlie experience.
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