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Little Knives are the nagging thoughts that keep you from sleeping. Guilt. Desire. Regret. There are many lives to lead, and many paths best not followed. Play it safe, and live through these.In Little Knives, you'll meet the wife of a disabled Confederate soldier who begins to suspect something sinister in the relationship between her husband and his doting older sister. You'll see how a pathological fear of hair is at the root of a paranoid husband's jealous rage. You'll learn why letters mingle souls for a reclusive wordsmith in possession of an unusual nineteenth-century diary. And you'll encounter to the earthbound spirit of a Pennsylvania farmer who can't stand noisy teenagers.Twelve tales in all, Little Knives will introduce you to many memorable souls, including a twelfth century crusader, a lonely mortuary assistant who confesses to inadvertently raising the dead, demons in the form of troublesome crows, a girl just dying to become a vampire, and a WWI aerial reconnaissance photographer who faces an evil far greater than any uniformed enemy. You'll read a transcript of a taped confession that relates a somewhat questionable tale of transmigration, find out how dangerous fungi can be, and discover the secret behind an undelivered package that could very well be the key to another dimension.For fans of horror, science fiction, and suspense, Little Knives cuts deep.Be careful as you turn the pages.
Published: iUniverseBooks on
ISBN: 9780595767731
List price: $3.99
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