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Brad, the novel's main character is awakened from his life-long "stupor" with a fierce desire to change his mask, or rather to find his real self hidden behind the layers of adopted morality, education, and social obligations. He used to be quiet and patient believing that good will over come evil. For years he has taken abuse from people he felt obligated to please but he is finally awaken and ready to take control of his life. To do so, he sacrifices his wife, career, and wealth.The conflict within Brad is not only that of good v. evil, but mostly that of thought v. emotion, or more simplistically brain v. heart. When he sees his awakened raged mirrored in random thoughts he now becomes aware, Brad discovers that "Life gives you choices but the choices that you make do not confirm who you are."In fact, once his new self begins to emerge Brad loses interest in pleasing other people. Hate, lust and angry seemed to consume his mind and all he wants is redemption for the turmoil he believes that other people have caused him. However, Brad's abandonment of his old habits has more to do with his desire to find his real identity. So who is Brad really?
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