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In Confessions of a Freelance Writer, TerryMorris, already retired and in herseventies, wrote her recollections of theoutstanding experiences she had duringher forty-year career as one of the topmagazine writers in the United States.From the more than 100 articles shepublished in many widely circulatedmagazines, including McCall’s, Red-book, Reader’s Digest, and Cosmo-politan, she selects outstanding examples and describes her methods of obtaining the stories, how she sold them,and their aftermath.She characterizes herself as a “garbage pail”— someone whopicks up ideas and leads from throwaway lines others havediscarded and builds them into personal-interest stories aboutall types of ordinary people in extreme situations.She also discusses how she established relationships with keyfigures in publishing in order to see her stories in print. This book should be of interest not only to the average readerbut to aspiring authors in a large mass market.
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ISBN: 9781462081769
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