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George Norton is the sheriff of Beaumont County. It is his job to fill the shoes of his former mentor, John Madison, who is now a federal marshal. George thinks he has seen it all, but he is in for some mentoring from real life when a crime is committed that is unusual for the westerner's career as a lawman.A strange set of circumstances sets off a bazaar chain of events that keeps him cracking 24 hours a day. George gets help from Madison, but only enough to help George put the pieces of the puzzle together himself.The stage is set in the surroundings of two towns in the modern west. An outside influence from the big city is ultimately drawn into the plot adding to the intrigue. The story resides somewhere within the moral boundaries of the modern American west and is as intense as it is fun to read. The plot takes place in the time frame of less than two days. Put this all together with some humor, modern day antics, likeable characters and you have a plot that builds and twists into a surprise ending.
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ISBN: 9780595740611
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