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Stacy Dupree finds himself held captive in the infamous Dr. Salzor’s fortress. The doctor believes that Stacy knows the whereabouts of his once most prized possession, the Emerald Tablet. Gina Dupree, Stacy’s ex-wife, stole the Emerald Tablet, which is a powerful magickal grimoire, from Dr. Salzor. With the help of an old and very complex ritual, the doctor plans to probe Stacy’s mind for any information leading towards the recovery of the Emerald Tablet. Throughout the involved preparations for the ceremony, Lilith, the woman in black, befriends Stacy. Although he is a bit apprehensive of Lilith, from the first time he lays eyes on her he is absolutely spellbound by her euphoric beauty. Just to be near her makes Stacy intoxicated with love. He finds himself in a tangled web of hatred for his captors and a passionate love for Lilith. But, unless Stacy regains his freedom he may not live long enough to pursue his heart's desire.
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