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The Tales of the Serendip take place in a virtual pub that exists only in the minds of the fantasy writers who crafted the Tales of the Serendip. It’s a place where, given a few rules and a common backdrop, writers can create small vignettes to explore new story lines, break writer’s block, or experiment with new characters. Plus it helps to keep them all out of the psychiatric ward.Where else would you go to sip fine Akuvian cinnamon wine and have a heart-to-heart with one of your more troubling characters? Or maybe you choose to sit in the Writer's Nook discussing magic spells and comma usage with other writers while slugging down mugs of Korone Dwarven Dark Ale. Bar fights, bad puns, a bouncer named Grendel (yes, The Grendel), and a bartender who can dispense advice and drinks simultaneously, all exist inside this fabulous place. The Tales of the Serendip will bring you inside to see the fabulous writing treasures fueled by the collective imaginations of people who are destined to become tomorrow’s Asimovs, Heinleins and Le Guins.
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ISBN: 9781462097890
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