The Unauthorized Autobiography of Micah Pearson
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Hello there, Micah here. I'm supposed to say something that gives you an idea of what this book is about and try to convince you to buy it. So let's start with a simple statement, shall we?This book is filled with comedy, drama, action, suspense, and sheep.No, really it is.But, more than that, this book is about cutting the crap and getting to the point. So, why not start at the description?This is a book about an artist struggling to come to grips with adulthood, marriage, divorce, family, friends, love, mental illness, and society in general. In short; life. I know, it sounds depressing. But really, it's filled with humor as well. I mean, how many biographies involve spontaneous indoor rain? Airborne yogurt? Random public nudity? Oh, yes, and a complete discussion on the proper use of profanity?These pages detail the story of my journey through life. Oft-times a bumpy and scary ride; but filled with discoveries great and small. Everything in here is true, as unbelievable as some of it might seem. So why don't you crack the book open and have a closer look?-Micah P.
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