Coming to Faith
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Following the format of his popular, Forgiveness Book and Grace Happens, Bob Libby uses his pastoral and journalistic skills to tell the stories of how people have found their way to an exciting and fulfilling Christian faith. In Coming To Faith you will enter into the spiritual journey of Billy Graham, Susan Howatch, Terry Waite, and Cassie Bernall and other well known contemporary figures. You'll also encounter the stories of an Iranian refugee, a convicted murderer in an Oklahoma prison, a surfer from New Zealand and a homeless woman in Miami. You will join the journey of some famous figures in Christian history such as: Augustine, Luther, Wesley, C.S. Lewis and Thomas Merton. There are 25 stories from Africa and Asia; the western and eastern hemispheres, the first, second and third worlds; the young and the old; the living and the dead. Each chapter stands on its own and is followed by a selection from scripture, a brief reflection and a hymn associated with or chosen by the individual being studied.
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