The central theme of this book is an age old one-discrimination andprejudice. In a world 500 years from now women that give birth to theirchildren surgically "the Kaesareas", discriminate against women who givebirth naturally "the Mammaries". Eventually it became the law andMammaries were officially designated a sub-specie of humans.Our heroine Nannette has had to face the most harrowing time of hersheltered genteel life when she inadvertently gives birth naturally and isthrown out of her home with her new born infant daughter by none otherthan her husband, because by that act she is now considered an animal.She has had to flee by night from her adopted country, racing throughundersea tunnels to get to her homeland in Floddrea, in order to escapethe dragnet that has been thrown out by her husband to get even with her.The book tells how she finds friends among the most wretched who cometo her aid and the strong women that helped her overcome the injusticesof her situation. It also tells how Nannette met the powerful SsamandaBenoué who showed her what true love was all about.The book gives a glimpse of the technological marvels that could evolveby the 26th century as well as the societal norms of the times: a must read.
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