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The novel begins on 20 December 2007, the twenty-first birthday of musician, illusionist, escapologist and entertainer, Andrew Miller, showbiz name, Captain Romano. It starts in Regent's Park half way through a show when Captain Romano is in his dressing room having a rest after the first half of the circus and thinking about seeing his girlfriend and fiancee Jennifer Keating for a drink later after the show. When he is preparing to go into his dressing room for a private rest he is interrupted by a young Mexican man who when Andrew allows him in to talk gives his name as Carlos Meza Lopez. He tells Andrew he is a rich and powerful leader of a Mexican drug cartel called Juarez and regards him as a future member. He tells Andrew he will be well paid and also will be allowed to become a part of the cartel and its authoritative body, which is made up not only of Carlos but also his six brothers. As he comes from a poor family and has always been poorly paid by his employer Edward Smyth, (Show Biz name, Lord Beauchamp) the thought of being well paid and having a powerful position in society he finds very tempting. He knows however being involved in the operations of a drug cartel, working as a go-between and trafficker he knows may well cause trouble between himself and all his circus friends and in public where he is regarded as a great young popular performer but most of all he thinks just how much being involved in drugs and Mexican drug wars will devastate Jennifer who has often said how she opposes drugs and the people who traffic them. The circus concludes with Andrew having agreed to leave London the following day and fly with Carlos who has only been staying in London for three days to see his son who lives in the city with his uncle. When Andrew is flown to the mansion which belongs to Carlos he is introduced to the family but is welcomed by the Lopez brothers in a hostile manner. This story is based on a true story which happened to a circus boy with a travelling circus in Atlanta in 2004. In the true story the boy escaped from the cartel leader however I changed the story slightly to fit the characters I have created.
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