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People have been told for years that Christianity is a religion do to it having rituals and religiouslike aspects, but what people don't realize is that Christianity is a one on one personal relationship with Jehova God. Religion is a two fold word that simply means to re-connect or to bind back to in which worksrightiousness is involved. Christianity has a savior, His name is Jesus Christ. Religion does not offer a savior and those that would are counterfiets of the true plan of God. Religion offers no hope and comes in many forms but yet is all the same in essence. Christianity is not diverse and should not be considered a religion because there is only one true God who is the God of the bornagain, first to the Jew and then to the Greek (Gentiles). This book will delve you into a spiral of truths that not very many will likely want to understand at first and will cause possible anger; but the upside to this is to get you to understand that in order for Christianity to stand alone it cannot retain works before faith. The faith in Christ Jesus has to happen first by just simply believing in what He has done on the cross and believe on His name. Religion offers no hope and no redemption for sins.
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