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I sat waiting nervously, hadn’t seen her in ages, childhood friend dare I say. Her mom babysat me way back when it all began. Now she was a huge rock star and had granted me this honor. I got the exclusive rights to writing this book right out of her diary.She appeared from around the corner, so casual, wearing denim and flip-flops, she was still gorgeous at this age. She smiled and came and sat across from me. I noticed she carried several books under her arm. Only when she placed them on the coffee table that I noticed they were her diaries.Mabe: I just want to thank you so much for this opportunity, Mary.Mary: Oh Mabe, only you can do this, you were there for the best part.Mabe: I will treasure these books, will take good care of them, I promise.Mary: I have to tell you, the very early years it was my mom that was doing the writing, she kept diaries for all of us until we were able to write ourselves.Mabe” Well of course, that’s understandable.Mary: Shall we begin? Hope I can still read my handwriting.And with that we sat and begun to select the most interesting entries of her life, it was like the years never had gone by.
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ISBN: 9781465367938
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