“Rescue in Kurdistan” is a story about John Morris, a Marine intelligence Colonel who was sent to Zakho in northern Iraq to join American and allied soldiers in “Operation Provide Comfort,” a humanitarian mission to save the lives of thousands of Kurds who fled into the mountains to escape from Saddam Hussein. In the evenings, Colonel Morris wore civilian clothes and drove an old mo-ped across the border to the Doogla Hotel, Bar and Coffee Shop in Cizre Turkey, a distance of 30 miles. The hotel was a meeting place for smugglers, thieves, murderers, Kurdish militants, and Turkish police. It was also a haven for spies where information was sold or traded to the highest bidder. It was a very dangerous place to be. One night Colonel Morris never returned to Zakho. This story is about the men and women involved in the search and recover mission for Colonel Morris in Kurdistan.
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