The Mysterious Golden Horse
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Set in an Irish farming community in the 1950s, The MysteriousGolden Horse is a journey through time to an eccentric world wherethe local residents are watched over by a majestic horse withsupernatural powers.Appearing on a village road, the mystical horse chooses to revealitself to various local people at critical times in their lives. Somepeople are confused and puzzled by the animal's abilities, whileothers are relieved of pain and sorrow. Families struggling with life'sdifficulties are given important messages that lead to positivechange. Always proving to be a benevolent and knowledgeableforce, the mysterious golden horse is full of revelations for residentsyoung and old.Romance, childhood antics, and misfortune run through thisthought-provoking and compelling Irish fable, providing insightinto human behavior as seen through the eyes of a mystical powerthat is comforting to all who encounter it.
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