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They are Jen and Zoe, the beautiful and charismatic identical twins, living in the seemingly idyllic village of Eden during the 1970's. Suddenly, one night Zoe is forced to flee under mysterious circumstances, leaving security, family and everything she has ever known behind.Jen remains in Eden with a crippling disease, a young daughter, and an unwelcome and very persistent ghost. The unlucky twin is caught in the midst of not only her own problems, but of family members like poor, hysterical Aunt Connie, who keeps misplacing things, and Aunt Caroline whose family is in a state of total disrepair.Once Zoe leaves Eden, her life is on the upswing. She has a successful career as a music reporter for a young, hip television network and more money than anyone knows. When she meets Clive, the rock 'n' roll superstar, her life is taken to another level of success and excess that sweeps her from her home and opens doors for new opportunities she's never dreamed of. Sean, the gentle and supportive husband, is caught in the middle of the fast lane lifestyle and is always looking for the exit ramp and a normal family life.Zoe's best friend, Abbey, the successful and beautiful singer/songwriter, tries to keep her feet on the ground, while understanding the world she has been thrown into and the temptations found there. Jen's world becomes increasingly complicated as her spiritual companion refuses to leave. Her expectations to live the way she chooses seem beyond her grasp, but she is determined to make it happen. Both women possess something the other wants but cannot seem to find. They struggle to balance trying to have it all while being consumed by wanting more.
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LEAVING EDEN - Jordana Corey

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