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INTERIOR LIGHTS expresses a philosophy of interior self and a defense of metaphysical reality. The bulk of the book is composed of “trechos” (Port.), literary passages that contain the author’s personal and philosophical meditations. Issues addressed include: what is a soul?, interior development through writing, bourgeois reality, metaphysical reality, and independent spirituality.From the book’s preface, “Certain states of mind are required for a reader to gain something from this work. These are: 1) The ability to read slowly in order to reflect on unfamiliar or impolitic ideas, and 2) A sense of being at odds with society. The reader must feel the need to separate himself in some way from the world in which he lives. It is not for those who wish only to strengthen their position in it. 3) Most important of all, a reader must have a ‘metaphysical sensibility’. He or she must be aware that the material world is not all that there is and that there is a dimension of reality not experienced in our daily object-oriented existence.”“INTERIOR LIGHTS is essential reading for writers, publishers, literary agents, and all those interested in development of self through the writing process.”—M. Dreisbach, Ph.D., CSU Professor Emeritus of Education“Your books are vivid and full of ideas. I quite agree with you that the world is in need of art and not historical scholars.... One can doubt everything but if one writes, one must be secretly a fanatic of one’s mind.” — E.M. Cioran“Richard Schain is a member of a small but significant group of ‘independent’ philosophers working outside of academic philosophy. I believe that his writings serve as powerful testimony to the value of the life of the mind, and the perennial urgency of the questions of metaphysics.” — Geoffrey Klempner, D. Phil., Director of Studies, International Society for Philosophers; Editor, Philosophy Pathways
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