… All the poems between My Momma Did Say I Would Meet AGirl Like You and Untitled are observations, reminiscences, andinsights – stories within a story.Using the river motif and oral tradition in Untitled the poetunderscores certain thematic and analogous paradigms within asocio-cultural, geo-political landscape. This landscape is America.Why America? Well, Long Creek runs from the back of ourhouse into the Roaring River. Moreover, all the diverse rivers ofthe world run into the great rivers of America. Similarly, peoplesfrom across the globe … stream into America – the land ofopportunity. America then, has become an inter-cultural, intraculturaldynamic; framework – a cauldron that brews an alchemyof ideas that is characteristic of … a renewed people – calledAmericans.Many of the poems, their titles and the images within them,fi nd a connection, a culmination even, in the last poem of thiscollection, the revelation – Untitled….
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