WhenI was a young boy growing up in Alabama, I loved to read the humor of legendary outdoor storytellers, Corey Ford and Robert Roark.   Icould hardly wait for my monthly issue of Field & Stream magazine toarrive. Their humor kindled my lifelong love affair with fishing and hunting.However, in today's outdoor magazines and books, it’s about the “how to, whereto, when to”, with very little of the “old time” stories appearing.  There are also those who’d do away withfishing and hunting entirely. I’m afraid that if this trend continues, huntersand anglers will become an endangered species and that within 30 to 40 yearshunting and fishing as we know it will be obsolete.Asa member of the outdoor writing fraternity, I just cannot stand idly by and letthis happen. I must do my part to keep the storytelling alive. My purpose inwriting this book is to help re-kindle classic outdoor humor, which hasdwindled, not from lack of an audience, but because outdoor editors feel theymust do the “how to”, etc. to survive. They can do both, tell a story that makes readers want to get out and doit, and also tell where it happened and how they did it. Iwill continue writing humorous outdoor stories, that tell of what went onduring the trip, the humorous things that happened and the lessonslearned.  My goal is to pass them on tofuturegenerations.  If you like entertaining and humorous true tolife outdoor adventures, my book is for you. Hopefully, you’ll pass it on toyour children, so that they too might help carry the torch.
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