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Tom Padgett's poems have beenpublished in many literary journals. Listed in A Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers, Padgett iscurrently Chancellor of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies andSecretary of the Missouri State Poetry Society. He conducts poetry workshops,delivers lectures, judges poetry contests, and edits an e-zine,Thirty-Seven Cents. In The Way We Live, Padgett, who is primarily a narrative poet,captures the feel of small-town life. Many of the poems are autobiographical,but as he says in "Snake- handling," the final poem in this book, apoet is not limited to truth. In telling his tales of life inthe Ozarks and beyond, Padgett uses formal patterns, such as sonnets, avillanelle, a sestina, a ballad, a silva, rhyme royal, and blank verse, as wellas free verse. Padgett employs irony frequently and warns us to look first forthe humorous side to his poems. He works harder to deliver serious poems, butthere are several here. Most important, he writes to give pleasure to others.His compulsion to write comes from that beginning, so "messages" arealmost nonexistent in his work, but entertainment is everywhere.
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