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At Our Age: How to Make 50-90 Your Dynamite Years will change everynotion you ever had about that don't-have-it-in-my-vocabulary-anymore word"middle-age".It is inspiring, humorous, andcontent-rich.It asks the question, "Justwhat are those additional years that have been added to the North American lifespan all about?"Then it gives the answer, inblack and white how-to's, that they are fabulousopportunities for creating the best time of your life.The good news of the book isthis: you can create the life you want, atany age, and you can do it by simply changing your mind.At Our Age promises to show you how to use the power of your ownthoughts to make your age the best age you've ever been.If you are between the ages offorty to eighty you are in the middle of the biggest growth period of yourlife.  At Our Age will show you how to bring dynamic living to yourrelationships, your work world, your finances, and definitely your sex life (incase you were asking).
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ISBN: 9781418468897
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