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WOODPECKER ON MY SCHOOLHOUSE is the story of a bygone era in the United States, told through the personal experiences of a young teacher in her one-room school.“Miss Jean’s” story demonstrates the qualities of the American people which made this country as vigorous as it is today. True to pioneer heritage, these rural people of Indiana— and millions like them throughout the nation — made sacrifices and overcame obstacles in the pursuit of education for their children. Traveling miles over bad roads in harsh winter weather was only one of the difficulties faced by the students and teacher alike.A complete, well-rounded picture of the times is created by the use of myriad detail. The accurate descriptions, far from becoming tedious, lend background and color to this illuminating and consistently engrossing book.Life was not all hardships, however. The fun of a pie auction, the neighborly friendliness of a quilting bee or a “carry-in” dinner, and the merriment of a Christmas season are shared with excitement and joy.The author, a perceptive viewer, portrays her neighbors with a good deal of insight. The families of her students, mostly hard-working farmers, are described with generous doses of wit, affection and humor.WOODPECKER ON MY SCHOOLHOUSE is a rare and refreshing memoir, well told. It should bring back fond memories to those readers old enough to remember their own days in the one-room schoolhouse, while those who have never seen such a school will find it an entertaining and inspiring book.
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