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Come with me on a journey. It isn’t a very long journey when compared to your life as a whole. In fact, it is a very short one. But, it may be the most exciting, most revealing, most fulfilling, and ultimately the most important journey you will ever take. Come with me on a journey to the center of your mind. This book is designed to be your guide to your new, better future by helping you redefine your beliefs about yourself. Do you feel that you could be and do so much more if only you could control your fears and look at yourself as the winner you would like to be? Fear Is The Mind Killer, isn’t it? It is the ‘little death’ that robs you of your joy, limits your friendships, and keeps you under the thumb, so to speak, of life. Instead of Fear being your Mind Killer, you have the power to use that fear to be your Mind Builder. You can change the paradigms of your fears from those that limit you to those that actually EMPOWER you. You have the power within yourself to be so much more. This book is designed to show you the way to the life you have always dreamed of having. It is my personal mission through these pages to give you the methods of becoming all you want to become. To accomplish your dreams for the benefit of yourself and everyone around you, especially those you love. If each of us becomes all we are capable of being we can truly change the world. –Dennis Allyn
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