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In a time when Earth is young, and two other planets in the solar system are teeming with life, and human cultures spread across all three planets; comes a story of brave young couple known to us as the first humans, Adam & Eve. At this time the planet Mars is much like Earth today and is called Mire. The ring of asteroids just past Mars is also a planet called Gorgoth; full of humans who have established an empire of technological superiority to that on Mars. Earth, at this time, is a one colony planet known as Pangea; the colony is called Eden. Early on in the story, relations between the two planets leaders goes sour as Mars falls under control of a demon known as Lucifer. The young couple, Adam & Eve, find themselves trapped behind enemy lines. After losing two of their own in a gun fight, the couple escape Mars with the help of a holy man, and seek refuge in Eden. Total war breaks out between super powers, and events spiral horribly out of control to the complete destruction of Gorgoth, and Mars. Fearing that Lucifer survived the devastating space war; the remaining forces of good prepare in to square off in Eden, for one final stand against an ancient evil being and his remaining minions. The battle for Pangea, and the fate of humanity begins as military forces collide in the streets of Eden, and Lucifer battles sword to sword with Adam & Eve in front of the tree of life (with a special guest warrior for both sides). With a new un-heard of religion, and special magic abilities; things seriously heat up in this action packed, thrill ride, roller coaster of a story that will leave you mesmerized, and wondering, "what if".
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ISBN: 9781468534764
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