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This is a fancinating story of a small town woman and how her hometown and other nearby towns and cities came against her.Also alot people who in my heart I truly thought I never did anything to.I often think back to how one small woman could handle some much meanness and pressure in a short period of her life! To this day I have no idea how this  special woman, Oprah Winfrey got word what was going on with me but she did and I thank God for that! A woman of intergrity, trust, love and always there to help.She is blessed with this from many! A very special person to all God be with you Oprah always! Another special thanks is to C.M.T. country music and how they came  to me when I was in need of help.It means so much to me and as the years went by how Oprah and C.M.T came to know  the Lord better and talked  more and sang them precious songs about the Lord , God and praying! May the  Lord look down on each and everyone of you and keep you safe in your walk of life.You go "Josh Turner" and I love your  new hit out me and God! So hope you enjoy how God  can work in people's lives and always rememeber there is nothing he can't do! Thank you so much all!
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ISBN: 9781418470401
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