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Numerology, the ancient study of numbers and vibrations, can expand your awareness of why you are who you are. If you’ve ever wondered “why is this happening to me again?” (..and again) or wondered what is your destiny or perhaps wanted to know what motivates others, then – The Tao of Numbers will provide a key to these and many other questions. Written in simple to understand language, this fascinating book offers step-by-step instructions on how to set up your own – or someone else’s Numerology chart. Here, the numbers of your name and birth date will reveal the story of your divine contract with the universe. Challenges and opportunities, talents, and shortcomings, destiny, karmic indicators as well as yearly forecasts are clearly explained. The number correlates of colors, musical notes, astrological house signs and planets are also included.With understanding you can enhance and transform your life. “Knowledge is power” and The Tao of Numbers is a powerful, informative and insightful tool that provides encouragement and guidance to the individual.
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