01 Aid for SeX contains seven short stories about real people with emotions and a sense of responsibility who don't lose their personalities when they take off their clothes. The words "I love you" often appear on the same page as "penetrate".

The stories in the book: 01 Aid for SeX A cold, ambitious woman finds unwelcome, enveloping lust when she expects effortless control.

The Widow Heidi A good, powerful man takes care of the emotional, practical and sexual needs of a young widow.

Well and Truly Owned Megan and Tony have a gentle wedding night. Cynthia and her husband, Tanner, want nothing more than time alone, naked. Hank and Lisa haven't touched each other yet. Ashford shows Theresa the bench where he plans to rape her three times.

Wagon Train Lolitas A western hero uses love and controlled passion to heal the virginal victim of an attempted rape and gets an unexpected reward, but not from her.

Virgin, Mother and Child A man impregnates his wife 20 feet away from a wedding party in progress. Kristen can't get a q-tip inside her, and her new husband, Steve, has run out of ideas.

The Marriage of Miss Idaho Grain and Feed of 1997 Humiliation, Deceit and Secret, Nasty Sex for too long equals Satisfying Revenge for someone else.

Dan and Sherri Make a Baby A young Sunday School teacher tells her secret fantasies to her husband on the first day they have sex instead of make love.

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