NOTE: This is a working excerpt from the upcoming second book in the Marmalade series. Forget-Me-Knot (Marmalade #2) is available from Amazon: Six weeks ago, Rebecca and her twin-brother Dillon fell into the enchanted land of here while on a school field trip. While Rebecca landed on the kingdom’s witch, and broke her wand, her brother landed in the midst of the Dragon Army and was heralded as their long-lost leader. Rebecca fixed the witch’s broken wand, gave the land a name (Marmalade), and saved everyone from disappearing for ever. But there was still the curse: everyday was Halloween. With the old witch Gertrude as her teacher, Rebecca quickly learned the ins-and-outs of being the kingdom’s witch. In fact, she learned so fast that Gertrude felt she was ready to try and lift the curse. That’s when the strange flower appeared in Gertrude’s garden. It smelled to good. It had wonderful, sweet fruit. It spoke to her. In fact, it’s voice was so melodic and enchanting that Gertrude felt compelled to eat the fruit. And that’s when everything went wrong. No longer able to remember anything, Gertrude sits in her vegetable garden every day without a care in the world. But Rebecca knows that she needs what Gertrude can teach her…especially if she is ever going to get home. Setting off on a quest with Bortux the Ogre that will finally cross paths with her brother Dillon, Rebecca is determined to find the cure to Gertrude’s amnesia and lift the curse once-and-for all.
Published: Dime Novel Publishing on Feb 04, 2012
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