Escaping Cult Entrapment tells a compelling story beginning with a young teenage couple in despair, with two babies and no means to support their family. The story focuses on Sophia, the second oldest daughter, born in 1968. The couple falls victim to the enticements of the Children of God Cult and the promise of a new life in the early 1970s. The family becomes trapped by the cult’s brainwashing and manipulation in a decade of widespread hippie movements.As the family grows, they live a life full of bewildering events that they consider honorable in the “missionary” work they perform based on their desire to serve God, but awful in tormenting events driven by the cult’s deception and social isolation. The father, Sebastian, is increasinglyentangled in the cult’s web of lies and becomes alienated from his wife, Elizabeth, and their seven young children.With remarkable strength and faith Elizabeth carries out her decision to leave her husband and the cult. She conquers her fears in order to provide a better life for her and her children. Over the next 10 years Sophia’s family endures a journey of chaos and triumph as they fight to integrate back into society. With little money, they have to figure out how to live their new life. At the same time, Elizabeth shows them the important things in life, knowing that you don’t need money to have a loving home. The family is determined to overcome tremendous hardship. They have to adapt and survive as they are faced with emotional, social and financial challenges. Elizabeth teaches them strong will and that their circumstances are only temporary.Sophia’s experiences are tragic during her younger years, but inspirational as she grows into an adolescent and young adult.
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