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Joey Cassara thought he had finally succeeded in putting the past behind him. Even the dark days of being falsely accused of a crime could not dim his vision for success and happiness. The sudden appearance of a young man who proved to be his son only confirmed Joey’s belief that he could overcome all obstacles. Each day brought new challenges into his life but Joey was determined to succeed. It was time to heal all wounds; those inflicted on him and those he had done to others. The decision to admit his mistakes has a positive impact on his business and earns him the respect of a new and faithful friend. The story continues as Joey enjoys success in business, the love and support of his family and a growing bond with his son, Joseph. All this should have given him a sense of fulfillment but something was still missing. Joey’s mother, like all mothers, could only wait and watch the future unfold for her “only son”. They had shared many difficult and heartrending experiences which served to strengthen the bond of love between them. Now Joey was about to make a life changing decision. He knew his mother would understand but how would this affect the relationship with his son? Should he delay his plans and have confidence in Joseph’s ability to believe that nothing could change his father’s love for him? With faith and trust in the “ONE” who had always sustained him throughout his life, Joey Cassara made his choice.
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Not Only Blood - Maria Clement

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