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This is the first of the three book series from Steve Tataii’s Liberation of Iraq War memoirs, focusing on the Independent South Kurdistan news developments, which has been his ongoing contribution with spontaneous, critical and emotional writings in defense of the rights of over 5-7 million Kurds of South Kurdistan [the North of the defunct Iraq] in the past 3 years. He has written his responses in a decisive, intense, and prolific style as the events unfold and seen in the most recent, and fresh News developments in his contributing articles published throughout the world for News Websites such as , , , and many others, including print media. On May, 22, 2004, Tataii nominated Mr. Talabani to become the president of “Arabistan” [South of Kurdish region], and President Massoud Barzani as the president of the Independent South Kurdistan in his famous article published in this book. In his DEC 5, 2003 article Tataii called for Iraq to choose its original form of nationhood the way it used to be before 1920s; one state for Kurds in the North, and the other for Arabs in the South as you’ll read in this book under the title: “The best solution is to divide Iraq into two Nations based on ethnicity: The Republic of South Kurdistan, and the Republic of Arabistan.”
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