Being in love. Feeling happiness. Expressing hate and anger. Looking at peace from a different perspective. Appreciating nature and calling a place your empyrean. We have everything in our hands if only we imagine it. Expressing yourself thru words and making them feel what you feel. I cannot begin to tell you how a person can transform into that state but as you read thru my poems there is an inexplicable rush of emotions, as if our lives are within these pages and seeing what it is like to love – to be in love. To know what imaginative thoughts can bring and the feelings that go with it. I want to share with you my life and with that I hope you relate with it as if you've felt it once in your lives. To dream as if no one is watching. To love as if you have never been hurt. To feel happiness like you've never felt it before. To find peace in a place called Paradise. To live life like heaven is on earth
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