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"Herrmann is a first-rate writer His characters [are] three-dimensional [and] Murder at the Red Dog is a well-written story with a great plot." -Midwest Book Review"In a marketplace that prefers formula over innovation, Herrmann's tale of the contemporary West breaks away from the pack Readers seeking depth in their entertainment must be sure to acquire this one."-G. Miki Hayden, author of Writing the Mystery"Murder at the Red Dog [is] not only an interesting read, [it is] an old-fashioned romp of a mystery."-The Missoulian"[Herrmann's novel] is complex, with enough development to keep even the seasoned reader guessing."-Luke Croll, Books 'n BytesThe scene is a northwest Montana mountain community, the crime, the double murder of the owners of a roadside tavern located ten miles from the nearest village. A county prosecutor with eyes on the governor's mansion railroads a young Indian man employed by the victims. But a local newspaperman, Brew Moore, sees it as a set-up and in his digging and travels, turns up a federal cover-up. Why would the FBI and CIA care about the affairs of Kootenai Falls, Montana, and what has the federal government got to hide?
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ISBN: 9781469724638
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