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The story begins on Eastern European continent in 1935. Stephen the protagonist of In Search of Freedom a member of the family of four continued to enjoy the natural splendor within which he was born until he confronted the restriction of freedom. He was fearfully surprised when in 1939, the Germans attacked Galacia and then shortly after the Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement the Germans retreated and the Red Army occupied his native land.During the persecution of the Communist regime, the family decided to leave their beloved land to search for freedom within which one can develop a long lasting, prosperous and harmonious being.During WWII, the family managed to survive the extreme cruelty of the Bolshevik and Nazi dictatorial regimes until they reached the shores of the USA where the Statue of Liberty showed them to the land of the free.The story is intermingled with Stephan's strong romance.The author is trying to portray the shrewdness of the evil being which has been trying to outweigh the wisdom of the good, which firmly stands on its watchtower of righteousness and provides assistance throughout the entire globe to the needy and confused.
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