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FASCINATING TOPICS is an exciting, intriguing, non-fiction book about fifty-one, different topics. Topics in this book are wonders of the world, enduring handicaps, glass objects, special hobbies and printing skills. More topics are about Mount Rushmore, artistic decorations, beauty parlor experiences, floral shops and the Nipomo Mesa. More fascinating topics are restaurant secrets, Mexican hospitality, Egyptian Pyramids, gemstones, first class hotels and Hoover Dam. Other worthwhile topics are about Hearst Castle, national parks, playing the piano, northern, continent wonders, Ellen's trip to Asia and important bridges. New Zealand attractions, the Empire State Building, Frank Lloyd Wright, eucalyptus trees, enchantment of flowers, pillow comfort and raising children are intriguing topics. Underground discoveries, sea life in the ocean, excellent teachers, slumber parties, cold drinks, the Sun, candle making and lamps are more, fascinating topics. Religious people, pizzas and crepes, delicious soups, avoid taking pills unnecessarily, Washington, D.C., wonders of photography, Kew Gardens, designing cards, metaphysics, performing vocal solos, deserts of the world, herbs and spices and hospital experiences are some more, exciting topics. You will have an opportunity to learn and to think about many, stimulating topics and issues. So, enjoy FASCINATING TOPICS.
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