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It is June, 1999. Jason Quinn, a quiet and scholarly young man, graduates from Clarksville High School in northern Illinois. His father is dying and his Uncle Claude is sleeping with Trudy, his mother. Jason's father dies and appears to Jason in a dream. He points the finger at Claude. Through a trick, Jason satisfies himself that Claude is responsible. Claude knows that Jason knows, and Jason seeks refuge by joining the CIA and going off to Afghanistan with Delta Force to find Osama Bin Laden. Jason rises to the challenge, and adventures at the top of the world follow. Two endings are provided: the tragic ending of Shakespeare's HAMLET, and an alternate outcome for readers who like a happy ending. Action and adventure are combined with a sensitive love story and discreet touches of sex. ELSINORE is a sequel to STRIPPER (iuniverse.com), and includes many of the characters of that novel.
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