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MUSIC MAKES MEMORIES - The Pilgrimage, is the story of 10 friends from the Generation-X, drawn together on a youthful, decadent night in 1985. The events of this night would effect their collective destiny as life takes each of the central characters down it's long and winding road. Their quest is common as they search for life’s elusive purpose. Along the way; escape is sought, hearts are broken, dreams are and are not realized and the characters evolve. The central characters are brought back together in 2000 as tragedy strikes. The ending is climatic as truths are revealed and life’s purpose is discovered.Music Makes Memories is a love story, it has been described as suspenseful, there is action, there are can even be categorized as drama. Whatever the label; the one common thread is the connection. If you have ever sought the purpose and/or the meaning...You will relate to and be touched by this book.
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ISBN: 9781462080380
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