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* Realize complete happiness and peace of mind right now.* Achieve a clearer view of who God is than has ever been seen before.* Discover who you are and what your exciting future will be.* Find joy and oneness in your relationships with others.* Understand how quantum physics shows us much of God's nature.* Know how you are an important part of the Totality of God.* Learn new ways in which you can be of service to humanity.* See clearly how science and spirituality really are one.* Practice a simple five-step program to enlightenment and peace.* Step out onto a new, fulfilling, and lifelong spiritual pathway."Are you ready for a revelation of Truth? Are you open to an expanded consciousness about yourself and God? It's all here in this book by Dr. John Walker, who understands the relationship of science to theology. You are in for a treat!"The Reverend Geofrey C. LayngMinister, Physicist, Public Speaker
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ISBN: 9780595843732
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