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Two Moons
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On Earth, Megan's sex life was never satisfying. But when she allows herself to be abducted by visitors from a planet where sadomasochism is regarded as a healthy social activity, she wonders if she got more than she bargained for.Megan's adjustment to the erotically liberated Khyrians becomes even more difficult when she falls for one of the starship's pilots, a professional Master with a troubled past. Struggling with fears and doubts, but spurred by her overwhelming passion, Megan will do whatever it takes to earn his love.Two Moons: Worthy of a Master is a dazzling delight for fans of romantic bondage. With deftly rendered characters, captivating scenarios and surprising twists, Chelsea Shepard charts the course of a woman challenged by her deepest desires, a journey that will take her literally out of this world!
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Two Moons - Chelsea Shepard

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