This book provides a guide for parents and students to collaborate in preparing for academic excellence. In the 21st Century our youth need more than ever to optimize their potential, strive for excellence and lead an ethical, balanced life. The book’s theme is preparation for life and the focus is on gaining admission to highly selective colleges like MIT. Presented is a long- term strategic plan for victory in the competitive game of selective college admission. Most importantly, it is written from a parent''s perspective and written with details of steps to take from preschool through high school. Part One addresses the need for a value system, the importance of goals, and the development of good study habits. Part Two focuses on improving academic skills, and gaining competence in sports and extracurricular activities. Interwoven in the book are the author''s son experiences and how they led to his acceptance at MIT and 12 other universities. Part Three discusses key strategies for the college application process in profuse detail. The author was formally chairperson for the Board of Trustees of the American International School in Riyadh. The book is hoped to aid society in preparing our youth for the new millennium.
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