Dogged...and Determined
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…Scott, Robbi, a brace of dogs, a bevy of cats…and Colonel Taz…Humor. Pathos. Insight…and a cyclone of rambunctious huskies. Follow a truly shared experience that weaves a lively and memorable tapestry the reader will enjoy again and again. Beyond the feel good nature of “soup” stories, the Taz Adventures offer a strong “take away value” of wisdom and wit of practical application and use in life. This crayola box of reminiscences records the author’s true experiences. Some of these tales and antics will bring a knowing smile to those who live with dogs; it is a mutual memoir. For others, it may lend insight into how our pets profoundly affect us in ways we often do not realize….Selected from the ongoing online canine cult classic, see why TAZ and his legions are have so unforgettable.Come to a wondrous real world where every person, pet and place has unique personality and significance; where the simple can profoundly teach the wise, where tears mingle with laughter and frustration often brings satisfaction. Come and join a wild stream of adventures where every moment finds mirth, inspiration and a new experience in self-discovery. Come and see. You won’t be disappointed.
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