FREED BY LOVE NOTHING BUT THE DRAMAIndulge yourself in an emotionally challenged love affair that is bitter sweet.The entire book focuses on heartache, scandalous love triangles, dishonesty, relationship drama and even murder. To the point the writer was so sick and bound, so disgusted, and so trivialized Shar Robinson, had no choice but to become Freed By Love. Many would think the love of a man. But it was the love of Jesus Christ who set this beautiful young woman free. After experiencing Nothing But The Drama, you must support Freed By Love II Drama Free if you want the whole story. Shar will make you laugh and make you cry as you relate your personal experience to the story line.Shar Robinson has done an exceptional job revealing the aches and pains of her own life. Shar writes with so much passion, emotion and aggression. You will be totally thrilled as she delivers the Dark Side.Freed By Love I, Nothing But The DramaFreed By Love II, Drama Free&Freed By Love III, Ready For Love
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ISBN: 9781469707556
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