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In this age of globalization with scores of developing countries struggling with poverty and economic deprivation, Ireland’s transition from a stumbling agrarian country into one of the world's most lavishly successful service-sector economies within a decade, is a beacon of hope in a world of despair. Unemployment, which approached 20% in the 80s, is now down to 4%, and the debilitating, centuries-old emigration trend has been reversed. In the most startling development, Ireland is now the world's biggest exporter of computer software, nudging ahead of America. Far from being a nation finally at peace with itself and comfortable with its newfound affluence, the “Celtic Tiger” Ireland seems increasingly fraught with contradictions. This is still the only country in Europe to outlaw abortion, the only country in the world with this ban written into its constitution. As Ireland becomes more affluent, it has struggled with the moral dilemma about how it should receive thousands of migrants forced to flee conditions in their homelands that are strikingly similar to the harsh economic circumstances that provoked decades of Irish emigration. A brilliant piece of commentary, this book looks into Ireland’s dramatic transformation and explores its promise and paradox.
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Ireland - Wole Akande

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