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The POTUS Chronicles is a merry romp through some of the most eventful times in the nation's political history. It's a sometimes-bumpy roller coaster ride, "prudently recreating" with George H. W. Bush, wondering what's next for "Bubba" Bill Clinton and his co-president wife, and "misunderestimating" George "Dubya" Bush. Like pages from a reporter's notebook, satirical glimpses of three administrations are captured with the freshness of today's headlines. Besides presenting a breezy account of war and peace and partying at the dawn of a new century, the pages of The POTUS Chronicles contain answers to many questions that trouble the minds of conscientious citizens, such as: Which president had to prove his identity to a skeptical third-grader? What advice did the Bush dog, Millie, give the Clinton cat, Socks? Whose presidential inauguration involved an official road kill patrol? Who is the former first lady who revealed she has conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt? How did the White House staff react when a president choked on a pretzel? What happened to Dick Cheney after a Republican senator switched parties? Relive a memorable era in the nations capital as seen through the lens of a seasoned Washington observer, tongues in cheek.
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